The Most Important 30 Minutes of Your Day

If you were told you that in just 30 minutes per day you could do something that would greatly benefit your health, and would have a positive impact on your overall quality of life - would you be interested? I’m definitely interested – but HOW can I find the time? I’m...

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Taking Your First Steps Towards a Walker Purchase

Do you feel the need to hold onto furniture, counters or walls when you walk? Do you find that you are walking shorter distances and are fatiguing more easily? Is pain limiting your ability to walk or perform daily activities? If you answered yes to any of these...

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Support for the personal support worker (PSW)

Being a Personal Support Worker (PSW) is probably one of the most difficult jobs out there. PSWs work extremely hard and they are often under-staffed, work under considerable time constraints, and sometimes in environments that are not fully equipped or accessible....

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Healthy eating for seniors – happy nutrition month!

In recognition of National Nutrition Month that takes place every year in March this week’s blog post will focus on healthy eating for seniors. Important at any age, eating well is especially important as we get older. When we eat a healthy, balanced diet we fuel our...

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Honouring strong women – rose’s story

On March 8th the world honoured women by celebrating International Women’s Day. This day of recognition for women has been in existence since 1911 but to be honest, it has only been in recent years that I have taken an interest in participating in Women’s Day events....

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Be your own valentine – show yourself some love!

Do you ever feel like you are a perpetual caregiver? Like you’re constantly trying to meet the needs of others, and your own needs are left behind in the dust? In the workplace, we spend our time focused on everyone else – our clients, our bosses, our employees. At...

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