If you were told you that in just 30 minutes per day you could do something that would greatly benefit your health, and would have a positive impact on your overall quality of life – would you be interested?

I’m definitely interested – but HOW can I find the time? I’m so busy!

I Don’t Have Enough Time

Everyone says they don’t have enough time. Where will you find those “extra” 30 minutes? If we really take an honest look at how we are using our time, can we identify moments in our day when we are truly wasting it? I’m sure we all can. The most common “time waster” these days seems to be the time we spend in front of some sort of screen. – a T.V. screen, a computer screen, an iPad, or a cell phone. Do you think you can decrease the amount of attention you give to screens and devices to free up 30 minutes and focus on something far more beneficial? Yes, you can!

Your Day Just Became 23 and ½ Hours Long

The 23 and ½ Hour Day concept was created by Dr. Mike Evans whose work focuses on preventative medicine. He sought answers to the question “What makes the biggest difference to your health?” and he created a very interesting video that summarizes his findings. Click here to watch his 9 minute video. The video not only identifies WHAT you should be doing for 30 minutes a day, but it also explains WHY.  Watching this video will definitely be worth your time!

Exercise is the Key to Aging Well

To put it simply, our bodies NEED to exercise and the research shows that it CAN improve your quality of life. We all benefit from physical activity as it is essential to prevent the onset of chronic disease, maintain good health, and remain active and mobile. You don’t need to start a strenuous weight routine or start training for a marathon – that isn’t necessary! But you DO need to do SOMETHING. Going for a brisk walk is an excellent form of exercise, and is very cost effective, too!

Prioritize Your Tasks and Take Action: Make time to exercise!

“Trying” to find time to exercise won’t work. You must MAKE time. Look at how you spend your time throughout the day and think about when and how you can include 30 minutes of exercise as part of your daily routine. Sometimes we can really get distracted by our phones, computers and devices. Be aware of this and make sure your time with technology is focused and productive so you can free up 30 minutes to experience the benefits of exercise. 

Try a new routine – wake up earlier and go for a walk.

Create a new habit – multitask by watching your favourite T.V. show while using your treadmill or stationary bike.

Try something new – pop in an exercise DVD and get your body moving in the comfort of your own home, or attend a fitness class in your area.

Any form of exercise is great and 30 minutes a day is all it takes! Your body will thank you for it and you will definitely experience a difference in your life!


Anita Salituri is an Occupational Therapist and founded Attune Aging Strategies and Solutions with her husband and Physiotherapist, Jim Salituri. With over 45 years of combined experience in the field of rehabilitation, they work together to create exercise programs for seniors and deliver educational and training workshops to professional and family caregivers. Attune is focused on enhancing the quality of life of older adults as they strive to maintain strength and independence, and remain living at home for as long as possible.


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