Seniors deserve to live at home safer and longer. Attune’s exercise programs and educational workshops help seniors stay strong and make caregiving easier.

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Exercise Essentials Program

The Exercise Essentials Program was designed by Anita and Jim Salituri, an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist, to enhance the safety and performance of your everyday tasks. Carrying groceries, taking the stairs, and getting in and out of bed can become easier with exercise. Regular exercise allows you to maintain your independence as you age and remain at home as long as possible. These fun and easy exercises are a great way to keep you moving, and you can stay active right from the comfort of home. Make Everyday Safer and Easier!

Specifically created for seniors to help:

  • Build and Maintain Strength
  • Increase Balance
  • Improve Cardiovascular Ability
  • Gain Flexibility

Now available for purchase online!

About Us

Since 1991 Anita and Jim Salituri have devoted their careers to helping others overcome obstacles and limitations throughout their lives in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine.

As owners and founders of Attune Aging Strategies & Solutions Inc, their over 25 years of clinical experience and respect for older generations has led them to develop successful training programs, exercise products and educational sessions.

Anita has always worked with older adults, and they have a very special place in her heart. She has developed her skills as an Occupational Therapist, Clinical Consultant and Educator and has created and delivered training workshops to health care staff across Ontario. Anita understands the challenges faced by seniors and caregivers and is determined to make a difference in their lives.

Jim has refined and expanded his clinical skills as an Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Physiotherapist. He has helped people manage their injuries and conditions throughout the lifespan, from newborns to older adults in their nineties. Jim enjoys his role as a Clinical Educator whether it be on a 1:1 basis or in a group session.

Together Anita and Jim hope to see aging-in-place become possible for many more seniors.

Attune recognizes that getting older isn’t always easy, but they know there are things that can be done to make the “golden years” as independent and enjoyable as possible.

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Free Workout!

Attune has created a Full Body Workout to get you started with an exercise routine right now.Submit your email address to get your Free Download sent to your inbox.

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