Senior Exercise Solutions

Keeping seniors strong and mobile helps them stay safe and independent. Exercise is a key ingredient that can help seniors remain at home longer and avoid transitioning to a retirement or nursing home. Attune’s Exercise Essentials Video Series focuses on easy-to-do exercises that will help prevent falls and assist with functional movements so that seniors can safely and confidently complete daily tasks. The Exercise Essentials Video Series was designed by Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist, Jim and Anita Salituri to be motivating, effective and easy to follow.

The Exercise Essentials Program Specifically Helps Seniors:

  • Build and maintain strength
  • Increase balance and prevent falls
  • Improve endurance and cardiovascular ability
  • Gain flexibility

All seniors can benefit from our adaptable program even if they are less mobile or new to exercise. Getting started with the Exercise Essentials Video Series is a small step that will make a big impact on health and wellness for many seniors.

The series contains 5 30-minute workouts targeting one of 5 key areas, with the option of completing the program while sitting or standing. Warm up and cool down exercises are included to prepare muscles for physical activity and prevent injury.

Research shows that regular exercise can prevent or delay the progression of chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia, and has a positive effect on general health and well-being. Exercise enhances mobility, safety and the ability to complete basic everyday tasks, which makes life a little bit easier.

Exercise Essentials will help improve overall health and fitness, and will keep seniors feeling their best!

Our Full Body Program Will Help You Target All Five Key Components Of Exercise:

  • Upper Body Strength
  • Lower Body Strength
  • Cardio
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

Attune’s Exercise Essentials Program Includes:

  • Video series that provides a full body workout for all skill levels
  • Step-by-step Exercise Guidebook with colour photos and written instructions for each exercise
  • 4-week Workout Schedule to track your progress
The Exercise Essentials Video Series is available to stream online. Get started now and have a safer tomorrow!

Also Available as a 5 DVD Set. Contact Us at to Place your Order!.

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