Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself to you.  My name is Anita Salituri and I am an Occupational Therapist and co-owner of Attune Aging Strategies & Solutions.  

Right from the beginning, as a student studying to be an Occupational Therapist, I knew that I wanted to work in the field of “geriatrics”.  I can proudly say that feeling has stayed with me throughout my entire career more than 23 years later! 

Older Adults Rock!

I love working with older adults and have come to realize that while I “give” to my clients in the form of therapy and recommendations, I “receive” so much more in return.  My clients are full of knowledge and wisdom, and they add richness to my life that is valuable beyond measure.

Throughout the years I have worked with older adults in both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation programs. I have worked with Veterans Affairs Canada and I have been an Authorizer for the Assistive Devices Program since 1992.  

I spent 15 years working in Long Term Care Homes and also held the role of Clinical Educator. This allowed me to travel all throughout the province of Ontario to provide training and in-services to Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and nursing staff on various topics to impact the care that is being delivered to older adults in the Long Term Care Home setting.

As I worked with older adults and their family members, I so often heard:

“Thank you for explaining that to me.  I had no idea there were so many details involved.”

“I wish I knew this information a lot sooner!”

I knew that my knowledge, skills and training as an Occupational Therapist would benefit many people.  However, the reality was that I could only impact a small group of people in the time at which I was allotted to provide my services.  

A Troubling Dilemma 

This both troubled and frustrated me greatly.  As older adults are entering a phase of life that can be quite challenging at times, they deserve all the help, guidance and resources they can get their hands on. That was my call to action.

My husband, Jim, and I spent many evenings discussing the needs and challenges that older adults face in the future as they grow in numbers and live longer lives – especially given the reality that our health care system will struggle to meet their needs.  I must mentioned that Jim also happens to be a Physiotherapist.  

The Opportunity

After much discussion, we decided that it was time to put our years of experience and combined skills together and direct our efforts towards meeting the needs of the aging population.  

That desire to “do something different” for older adults was the spark that signaled the beginning of what has now become Attune Aging Strategies & Solutions.

Through many different conversations and personal reflection we have uncovered our purpose.  And now it’s time for us to share it with all of you and do something different everyday.  We look forward to you joining us on our journey!

At Attune Aging Strategies & Solutions, our purpose is to empower people with knowledge and strategies to enable successful aging in place. 


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