Over the past 3 years we have been working with a number of different organizations (Sheridan College, The Sheridan Centre for Elder ResearchKitestring Creative Branding Studio) to create what this company is today.  Although it has been a long road, we are now finally there!

We are happy to say that this has been an amazing journey filled with tons of new experiences that have helped us learn and grow. We have met and worked with so many exceptionally talented people and we are very excited about the opportunities that lay on the road ahead of us. 

The work and collaboration with our Business Development Team helped us to realize the importance of defining our Core Values both personally and as a business.  Whether we are aware of it or not, our Core Values guide our decisions in every aspect of our business and personal lives. We use our Core Values as our baseline standard of operation. They have helped us to build our business on a solid foundation and will continue to guide us every day as we move forward.

These are our Core Values and how we have defined them:

Excellence – This is the constant pursuit of knowledge, and steadily striving to reach our full potential as a business and personally as individuals.

Integrity – Integrity is the moral and ethical compass that guides our decisions and behaviors. We believe in the principles of honesty, respect, trustworthiness and consistency of character.

Health – Health is defined as making positive choices towards healthy living.

Adhering to these Core Values in how we provide our services and relate to our clients is our commitment to YOU!

Have you taken the time to define your Core Values? What Core Values do you value and like to see in others? Please share your thoughts.



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